Graph labels and bookmarks




Y axis label

(rotated 90)

Unlike just about everything else, clicking on this does nothing. The y-axis label just tells you what units are used for each trace. The dividing or multiplying by 10 or 100 allows the different parameters to fit conveniently on the same y-axis scale:

    F for CHTs, Oil Temp, and OAT
    F/10 for EGTs
    feet/100 for gps and pressure altitudes
    Gal/hr10 for fuel flow
    Knots for TAS, CAS, and GS
    MPG10 for fuel efficiency (miles per gallon)

X axis label

The x-axis label shows the x-axis units. Clicking on it causes it to rotate among these three choices:

The last selection is convenient when you want to know the exact time of an event shown on the graph.

Graph title

Clicking on this graph title will change the text to the next line of the user-entered notes (scroll to bottom of page). When you get to the last line of user-entered text for this flight, clicking on it again displays basic flight information - flight number, starting date/time, and duration, in this example Flight 40.) 06-Oct-03  11:42 (1.00 hours). Clicking on it one more time again displays the first user-entered note. (If no user-entered notes exist for this flight, just the basic flight information is shown.)


During a flight, when you push the FlightSaver's Mark button, the current time and location is saved along with an associated letter. This example shows bookmark Xray. A dashed vertical line indicates the time of the bookmark. The bookmarks will also appear on the tracks imported into Street Atlas USA or other mapping software.